Shipping, Return & Refund Policies
Our website has different shipping, return & refund policies. Our policies are according to the customer convenience, which helps our team to gain customer’s trust, and also our policies help to win our customer’s heart.
Shipping Terms
1. Order is confirmed within 24 hours of the transaction of money.
2. Within 24 hours of the order confirmation, the customer received invoices, shipping details, tracking number, and projected date of delivery.
3. Orders are dispatched within 48 hours of the transaction of money.
4. We are not responsible for products stuck or hold by the Customs.
Return & Refund Policies
1. Purchased materials should be returned within 48 hours of delivery of the products.
2. Order can be canceled after shipping but it is handled under return policies.
3. Refund of money within one week after the cancellation of the order.
4. All products used or opened products will neither be returned nor received any refund regarding this.
5. Shipping charges if returning the product are the responsibility of the customer.
6. You will get a refund on those products which are not dispatched properly to your doorstep in some limited conditions.