Tramadol 200MG 180 Pills



Tramadol 200mg Online is a synthetic (man-made) pain reliever (analgesic). Researchers and doctors do not know the exact mechanism of action of Tramadol, but it is similar to morphine. Like morphine, Tramadol binds to receptors in the brain (narcotic or opioid receptors) that are important for transmitting the sensation of pain from throughout the body to the brain. The starting dose is usually 200 mg Tramadol hydrochloride as prolonged-release tablet twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. If the pain relief is not sufficient, the dose may be increased to 150 mg twice daily or 200 mg twice daily. Tramadol 200 mg is a painkiller belonging to a group of medicines known as opioid analgesics. It is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.


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