Privacy Policies is a home for us and for our customers. We treat our customers as our family so, their identity privacy is just like our identity privacy. We never sell, rent, switch or open our customer’s information regarding their bank details, their residential details, their identity details on our website. Apart from this on our website never allow any third parties to execute any searching about people with the help of email address or with the name or anything. for helping the customer we sometimes mail you about the products details and discounts to those who are our regular customer and these mails are done under privacy policies.
              Our website are open to everyone, there is no need of their personal identification for only searching the medicines or knowing about it. We only need your personal information at the time of order placement. During order placing we need your name, email, phone number, address and medical history. We have right to terminate or reject your registration on the basis of our judgement without giving any prior notice.
                  We use a secure process for communication with you, storage of your registration details and collection or payment of money. We never demand your credit or debit card details for payment and we regularly try to make our website safe from any type of malware scanning.
                    First step is taken by the customer to believe us then we try our best to maintain their believe on us. We use strict security policies to protect our customer’s personal information from invalid access. We secured your personal information behind secured networks and only few of them in our team have access rights to that secured rights. Along with this, we also code your personal information through secure socket layer technology. We use different security ways just to secure your personal information which you provide during order placement and during payment.
                      We try our best to secure your information and we never open up for accessing to anyone. Your faith towards us is our reward and for maintaining your faith and for building our good relation we always try our best and sensible towards our duty